How to Register

New Year, New Bella Yoga!

Less is More. In 2019 I have made everything as simple as possible! No more contracts and termination fees! No more memberships or punchcards that you pay for and don’t use! No more hassle of online registration! Credit cards are no longer accepted. Just pay cash or check prior to the start of each class.

To register for any class just call or text 720-333-8413.

All classes are only $10 per person per visit! You just pay as you go! Remember 10% of all proceeds go to Living Hope Lutheran Church! The more you do yoga the better you will feel, the more you do yoga the more money we raise for our church/school! Win Win!

Join us Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30 AM at Living Hope Lutheran Church.

Stay tuned for new classes starting soon!



Michelle Klabon (ERYT)
Bella Yoga Inc (RYS)


Bella Yoga Does Not Offer Refunds