Signage for Belle Creek

“Thank you for your work on completing this project.   We have been trying to figure out how to get signage for some time.  I know you put in a lot of hours and it is much appreciated. Good luck with your opening.  It’s an exciting time!” ~  Chris Juvan, Senior Regional Property Manager

“This is great news Michelle!!! Thanks for being the catlyst in making this happen!!  I would love to stop by and meet you next time I am at the center.  Thanks again.” ~ Gail Schleuning, Regional Manager, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Liesel Lancaster Thomas

Liesel Lancaster Thomas 1:10pm Jul 15
Signage is VERY important. Thank you for taking the time and effort to get signage in our community.




Hello moms and dads of Belle Creek Charter School students. My name is Michelle Klabon. I have lived in Belle Creek now for almost 7 years and both of my children attend Belle Creek Charter School. I am also the owner and instructor for the brand new Yoga Studio, Bella Yoga, located across the street from Belle Creek Charter School and next to Haraf Food Market. By now you probably have noticed that we finally have signs at both entrances of the community. Some of you may be wondering how this came about. Well, this is a HUGE project that I recently completed. I began this project back in August 2010. I met with the HOA for Belle Creek, the City of Commerce City, and the sign company that I hired to determine all the rules, regulations, and codes. I also met with all the companies/schools inside Belle Creek to determine who wanted to be on the signs and help chip in for the costs involved. For some strange reason the Belle Creek community including the Charter School and the Bright Horizons preschool has never had signage in the 9 years that it has existed. I have seen many small businesses come and go and I believe that the lack of proper signage played a huge role in this issue. Since I was looking to open my own yoga studio here at Belle Creek, I was determined to make that happen. I worked closely with all the companies involved and each company’s mangers/marketing dept. including Principal Irene German. After about 6 weeks of getting all the rules and regulations figured out and getting everyone to forward their artwork over to the sign company and adjusting logos etc., , I was finally able to come up with a proof of this proposed signage. I submitted this proof to the HOA in mid Sept. Much to my satisfaction, about a week later, I received an approval from the HOA. Now it was in the hands of the city. I then filled out a permit application and submitted it along with a proof and my approval from the HOA to the City of Commerce City. I then had to meet with the public works department of the city, and the sign company to determine location of the signage. I was informed in Sept that from the Public Works Department that the intersection at Belle Creek Blvd and 104th was going to be torn up in the next couple of months. So because of that, the front entrance sign was installed further back to compensate for the construction. Once construction is complete that sign will only be 10 feet in from the right away, just as the sign on the east entrance is. My application for a permit to install these signs that I submitted to the city was finally approved on Wed, Sept 29th. Just in time for my Grand Opening of Bella Yoga, Friday, Oct 1st! The signs were installed the very next day, on Saturday Oct 2nd! I then called in an inspection and on Monday Oct 4th. The city inspected the signs and we passed inspection! So exciting! Now Belle Creek Charter School and every company inside Belle Creek finally have proper signage. It just goes to show, we can never take no for an answer, and just because things were done incorrectly in the past, doesn’t mean it can not be done correctly now. I hope that every company and school listed on the signs will benefit for years to come. More importantly I am so grateful to be able to bring a brand new yoga & massage studio to Belle Creek. I also created a room for childcare. Now moms and dads who wanted to practice yoga and have been restricted in the past can now also enjoy yoga. I am very excited that Bella Yoga can help this community to improve the quality of their life. Please visit for more information. Hope to see you soon.



So here we go again.  I began this very LONG process about 4 months ago to get the sign moved that I installed last year for this community.  When we installed the sign back in Oct 2010, the Public Works department of Commerce City told us we had to have the sign way back because when the construction would be done, our sign would be 10 feet in from the right of way.  Well, I have been patiently waiting 13 months now.  And obviously they were wrong. (See picture of where the sign used to be.)  It was hidden behind a large tree and 3 bushes.  This was so frustrating and upsetting after all my hard work to get this sign approved and in the ground last October.  I met with the city, the HOA, and the sign company again, this past August in hopes that we could come to an agreement that it would be in everyone’s best interest to move to sign to a better location.  Everyone agreed and was in full support of this except Laure Tatlock from the HOA/ Belle Creek Metro District.  She told me that it was not the intention of the builder/the Metro District/or owner of Belle Creek to have signs in the ground.  She said that we as retails space owners were never given the “rights” to signs. Laurie told me that Oakwood Homes is trying to sell homes and they don’t want a bunch a traffic coming through Belle Creek.  I tried to explain to her that this kind of thinking made no sense.   When people are shopping for homes they want to know what is in and around the community.  For example, when we bought our home here in Belle Creek in 2004, the deciding factor in us choosing Belle Creek was when we found that Belle Creek had a charter school in the community.  This sign I created for the community, not only gives exposure to my business, Bella Yoga, but to both schools in the community as well as the apartment homes, and the other small businesses. How can a small business survive without exposure?  So I waited for months to have Laurie Tatlock submit my proposal to the Board members who make the decisions for this community.  I kept emailing her over and over trying to find out the status of this project.  I had already gotten approvals from all the utility companies as well as the city.  It was now completely in the hands of Laurie Tatlock.  After two months of waiting and NO response, I decided to once again, take things in to my own hands.  I found out that this board holds meetings a few times a year.  I also found out that I, as a resident of Belle Creek, have the right to attend these meetings.  So on Oct 17th I showed up at this meeting.  I presented my proposal to the board members and they took a vote.  It was unanimously voted as YES!! I then submitted my permit application to the city on Oct 21st.  I didn’t want to have to hire a company to move the sign to so to avoid more cost.  So I asked that the city allow ME to do so and they agreed. The city issued me the permit on Nov 1st!!! I soon discovered that moving a 10 foot by 8 foot sign was not going to be easy.  I would need a special machine to dig 3 feet deep. But I had never operated one of these machines and I was scared that I would mess it up.  I began to search for a company to help me move this sign. Unfortunately, it was going to cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 to hire a company.  So it was back to the drawing board.  One day as I was at the Belle Creek Family Center printing yet another estimate, I began speaking to Alex Salazar who works behind the counter.  Much to my surprise, he told me he had the tools needed and offered to help move the sign at a much more reasonable cost. It was such a blessing meeting Alex.  Finally this major project was coming to an end.  On Saturday, Nov 19th, my husband Kevin, my friend Shawn, Alex Salazar, and I began digging the holes.  On Monday, November 21st, the city inspected the holes and we passed inspection.  Then finally, today, November 26th, Kevin and Alex moved and installed the sign to its new location. How exciting!  Literally after 30 minutes of the sign being in its new location, I received a call from a woman who had seen my sign and called to inquire about taking some yoga classes.  Yeah!!! Mission Accomplished! Moral of the story is never give up!  If you feel passionate about something, you must fight for it!


Here we go again!!!  Posted June 13, 2015

All good things come to those who wait…..

In 2010 before I signed my 1st lease and took over the empty unit in our neighborhood and created Bella Yoga. I fought for 5 months to get a sign in the ground. After 5 long months of dealing with the HOA, public works department, neighborhood services, the City of Commerce City, etc, etc my sign was approved and installed the day after I opened Bella Yoga, Oct 2, 2010.

I did everything! I coordinated meetings with all parties involved, I gathered everyone’s art work to create a sign for all retail spaces and schools in our neighborhood, I gathered all the funds, I pulled the permits, I made sure everyone in this neighborhood finally had a sign.

We had two beautiful signs like the one you see in the 1st image. One sign stood at the entrance of 104th and Belle Creek Blvd, and the other on the entrance at Hwy 85 and Longs Peak Dr.

The one on 104th was very hidden for quite some time. The city promised that when construction was over at that intersection that my sign would 10 feet in from the right away. Well they lied. It was way back and hidden behind a bunch of bushes. (See image 2)

It took months to get the ok from the HOA to allow me to move it to the other side of the road where there is nothing but dirt. (See my story on my Bella Yoga webpage about how my husband and I literally dug the holes. See image 3)

We moved the sign and finally had some good visibility. (See image 4)

But of course as soon as the 7 eleven was built, the HOA ripped our sign out of the ground. It made no sense to do that as our sign wasn’t even on the same side as 7 Eleven and we do not compete with them in any sort of way.

So we went from 2 beautiful signs to just 1.

Then around Thanksgiving time as I was pulling into the community I noticed our other sign gone, missing, completely out of the ground!

Very upsetting. It turns out the HOA supposedly had complaints from residents that our sign was fading. No one contacted us or gave us the opportunity to make any adjustments, they just ripped it out of the ground!! So obnoxious!

I demanded they reinstall our sign that they were secretly storing away somewhere on the property for who knows what reason. And so they did, but they threw away the beautiful white posts we had, and the white “skirt” which we paid an extra $1000 for because they would not allow a sign that had legs showing. So dumb!

So now the sign stood with no skirt, ugly brown posts that don’t match and for some strange reason I was placed away from the Hwy with the least visibility on the opposite side of the sign where I originally was. Wow! Seriously?!
(See 5th image)

On May 28th, “Above and Beyond” the neighborhood taxes, mortgage, business card, barber shop, amongst other interesting things, finally moved out of the neighborhood!! Yay!! Best day ever!
(see 6th image)

So finally there was room for Bella Yoga to have proper signage. I was approved to have 4 spaces. (see image 7)

But, I only took 3 spaces to be kind to my new neighbor by leaving one open space for any new tenant.

And tonight my husband, my son, and I installed my new sign. It looks beautiful! (See image 8)

Today was a big day for me. Finally the sign that I deserve!

I have been waiting for this day for 5 years!!! Thank you Jesus!!