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Beautiful Pictures and testimonies about Bella Yoga!!



I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your classes.  I really think you are a fantastic teacher (I’ve taken classes with probably about 15 different instructors over the years and you are easily one of the best!).  I hope everything with your new job is going well.
I posted a link to your webpage on my facebook page and have been telling friends, hopefully some new people will try it out, too.  🙂
Be well,

Yoga has helped me in many different ways.  I’ve been practicing at Bella Yoga with Michelle since the studio opened in October 2010.  I’m so thankful that she is so passionate to share he knowledge of yoga with others.  I’ve found peace and balance in my practice, enjoy the improvement I’ve seen and more importantly how I feel in my every day. I work on a computer daily and definitely have felt the benefits in my posture, neck and shoulder strain and sleeping better at night.  There are so many options at Bella Yoga to create any goal and make it possible.  My child also attends the daycare while I practice, she gets to play with other kids and has made wonderful friends. Without that I wouldn’t be able to practice yoga regularly. I’ve also interested my husband in trying yoga and he has really enjoyed his practice so far.  The studio is itself is tranquil so it is very comfortable and calming.  My body craves yoga and I notice a difference when I am not able to practice on a regular basis.

Thank you Michelle!



I moved to US recently. I have to take an exam to get into a school. Studying throughout the day can be really tiring and dull.

I had taken yoga classes in my home country and always enjoyed it. So I joined Bella yoga.
When I walk out of the door after the class I feel mentally relaxed and at peace. All the worries and anxiety drain out . I feel I am a better and a more efficient person.
I can really go back and study with a better concentration. I could not find a better place to de-stress and unwind myself.
There is an endless list of its health benefits. I wanted to get more flexible and improve my breathing. There is everything under one roof.What more can i ask for?
Yoga has been a life savior for me and i enjoy my classes at Bella Yoga.
Thanks a lot Michelle!
Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the email, I was actually going to email you today.  I have really enjoyed the classes I have been to so far. This is exactly what I have been looking for-as far as class type, size, level, convenience, and my personal connection and self satisfaction. Both you and Donna are amazing instructors and I am looking forward to more classes! I also want to express to you what great customer service you have.  Thanks!


Marsha M.

Brighton, CO
5.0 star rating 1/1/2016
My daughters attend kids yoga on Mondays. They absolutely love it! It is VERY reasonably priced at $5 a session. Great activity for kids.


Ann V.
Brighton, CO
5.0 star rating 1/1/2016
Bella Yoga is an excellent yoga studio. The atmosphere is calm, kind, and supportive. Michelle creates an environment of acceptance for any level- beginners to add advanced. Michelle is a very knowledgeable instructor and can offer alternate poses for any limitations. I would recommend Bella Yoga to any age, level, and or physicality.


Ashley H.
Commerce City, CO
5.0 star rating 10/23/2015
Today is my graduation day from Bella Yoga. I had the pleasure of receiving a thorough, concise and thoughtful 10 week toga teacher training from Michelle (owner). As one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met, Michelle
was 100% encouraging with me, prompt, detailed, passionate and had more faith in me than I had for myself in the beginning. We spent time 1:1 with each other for 5 hours per day, 4 days per week August, September and October. With training coming to an end, I feel confident and motivated to spread the joy of yoga to others – and I’m thrilled to receive more of Michelle’s knowledge and wisdom and share in our common passion – yoga! thankyou for all you do, Michelle.


Sara A.
Brighton, CO
5.0 star rating 6/5/2015
I am on my 4th month practicing at Bella Yoga. So far, I love it! Her evening classes are my favorite, gentle yoga, but when I feel I need more of a workout, I go to one of the morning vinyasa flow classes that she offers. Michelle is a great instructor and really tries to focus on what “you” need at the time. I plan on being a long-time student of Bella Yoga!


Lacey M.
Brighton, CO
5.0 star rating 6/4/2015
I love going to Bella Yoga! Michelle is a wonderful teacher who genuinely cares about her students. I always feel amazing after I leave class. I encourage anyone with an interest in yoga to attend and see for yourself. You won’t be sorry! Namaste!


Emily D.
Denver, CO
5.0 star rating 6/3/2012
If you are looking for a yoga studio that focuses on the practice, then this is the studio for you. Bella Yoga is a bright and peaceful studio. Michelle is the owner and a great instructor. I am a novice student, but she is very helpful and encourages me to do my best.


Jennifer F.
Henderson, CO
5.0 star rating 1/4/2016
For years I’ve been wanting to try yoga, but because we live in a rural area (Henderson), it’s never been convenient. I discovered Bella Yoga when I received a three month membership as a gift. Now I’ve been practicing 6 months and it has been life-changing! This studio is a peaceful, beautiful space in which to practice. Michelle, the owner is a natural-born teacher. She is open, patient, and caring. She tailors each class to fit the participants, and is great about teaching (and encouraging) modifications for poses.

As a brand new beginner I felt welcome and comfortable at Bella. I was intimidated at the idea of going to my first class, but was quickly put at ease by not only Michelle, but the other members. It is a very down-to-earth environment, where I don’t have to worry about having the right outfit to attend. Michelle spends a good amount of time on breathing techniques and warming up the body. Each time I leave Bella Yoga I feel physically stronger, and more relaxed and at peace. I’ve brought several friends to various classes and all have felt comfortable, welcomed, and enjoyed their experience. I cannot recommend this studio highly enough!


Anne N.
Thornton, CO
5.0 star rating 6/4/2015
I live in Thornton, where finding a yoga studio is close to impossible. As someone who doesn’t like “hot” yoga, it’s even more difficult. Then I discovered Bella Yoga in Henderson, right next to the Thornton/Brighton area.

I have been practicing with Michelle at Bella Yoga for almost a year now. Her classes and studio help me release anxiety, stress, and find peace. Not to mention I get a good workout!

She always has props available to students, including blocks, holsters, blankets, and even eye pillows for savasana. I enjoy her vinyasa class the most and love what hatha has done to my spine.

I personally like Bella Yoga and Michelle’s approach because she is very welcoming and never intimidating. The environment is bright and cheery, even in the worst weather that Colorado can bring.


Janice C.

Brighton, CO

5.0 star rating 1/2/2016
I’ve been attending Bella Yoga since it opened in 2010. This is a beautiful quaint studio nestled within the heart of the Belle Creek community. Michelle, the owner has a very beautiful, unique personalization of style to both studio, & to each of her classes. The studio itself is gorgeous. Relaxing, yet has a colorful refreshing feel to it. There is the most adorable café in the entrance where you can buy an energizing tea, protein shakes/bars etc, enjoy the bistro tables/fresh flowers. Vivid paintings are hung throughout, that are so pretty to catch your eye & take you to another place when you look them, as you engage in your practice. A calming spa-esque feel with a refreshing shade of green walls, bamboo style floors, flowy sheer white curtains, dimmed lighting, the peaceful sound of water trickling from the fish tank, a sheer curtain at the door when it’s warm in the summertime, or just doing yoga outside on a beautiful day for a dose of SunnyD out front of the studio makes classes unforgettable & make you want to come back, again & again!

Classes range from meditative, restorative, gentle, relaxing, energetic Vinyasa flows. Music is tailored to the style of class, & even coincides the pace of each pose or sequence during the practice. Sometimes we listen to reggae, spa, peaceful yoga sounds, depending on the day/ class, top 40 hits — or simply no music at all. Because she helps remind us to “just breathe” & how important it is to focus on solely on the breath. She educates us with a variety of breathing exercises/stress releasing techniques, and the significance of that one hour of quiet time to yourself, just for yourself. Michelle provides a nice range of modification poses & has a variety of props that help assist all yogis. I love that I can wind down on a Monday from a long weekend with a gentle/restorative class, & ease into a Vinyasa class throughout the week if I so choose, “Wine down Wednsedays” wink emoticon mid-week, Vinyasa on Thursday, or- oh- it’s been such a long week— I’ll go to the Friday evening gentle class to end the week right, enjoy the weekend, & start it all over again! I love that the class size isn’t overwhelming, depending on the class or day, it can be as personal as 2 people– at most I’ve seen 16 in the studio.

I love the variety of the classes offered, there is a great mix of everything for everyone. Students feel welcomed without judgement, all ages, male/female, all sizes, all cultures, real people. I hear so much of the time that students are intimidated with yoga and are so hesitant to try it because they don’t think they can do it- wait they haven’t even TRIED it?! There’s a misconception of yoga in this aspect, we all join together, practice individually to connect our mind, body & spirit. When you go to even just a few classes, you very quickly understand it, feel the benefits all around you, your loved ones even notice— it has such a harmonious effect! That’s what yoga is truly about. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, beginning yoga to “take the baby weight off.” What I didn’t realize I was also doing, was treating post-pardum depression, taking care of my overall wellbeing. We easily forget how to do that, & it can be a vicious cycle, but you can always turn to yoga, & yoga is always there to help you.

Kids yoga is also offered! I love that my child has been introduced to yoga at a young age. She craves it like I do, tells me how she loves the Monday afternoon class, as it starts her week off on the right foot. I love seeing her engage and share the same passion for yoga as I do. I know– just how good this is for her, & feel comforted she can use her practice to help with some of todays stresses & pressures put on kids.

This is my “one” hour that I treat myself, to myself to decompress & help better focus as life can be ridiculously crazy. Michelle’s yoga classes can’t be compared to others. She has a true passion for it, she’s faithfully committed to yoga & genuinely cares for each & every one of her students. She ensures their overall wellness, health both physically & spiritually are addressed for each individual. This is her calling. She shares, inspires & educates us so much with her wealth of knowledge & many years of experience. Her classes are not just “teaching” a class, they are mindfully prepared with really beautiful “food for thought” topics & connect you to practice even deeper. When you leave each class, you feel refreshed, reconnected to yourself, & the world with open arms. You’re ready to face your day, or ready to get a really great nights sleep smile emoticon

Bella Yoga is welcoming, it’s comfortable, and it’s just like family. Michelle is beautiful, kind hearted and down to earth. Her inspirational story and journey with her initial connection to yoga reminds us how we can all benefit in some way or another & remind ourselves that yoga is for everyone and can take you on an incredible soul searching journey.


Antonia W.
Delta Junction, AK
5.0 star rating 1/2/2016
I found Michelle and Bella Yoga while on my holidays from UK . I found Michelle very friendly and welcoming and loved her style of yoga and how she taught. If I lived in CO I would definately be a regular to her lovely studio. She seems to work tirelessly to promote yoga and the health benefits and I’m sure it’s a great service to her local community. I always try and find yoga classes while I’m on holiday and I’m really pleased I found Bella Yoga.


Lori V.
Commerce City, CO
5.0 star rating 1/1/2016
I only got a chance to take a few classes but Michelle is absolutely amazing, she is very kind, and has a heart of gold. She made me feel comfortable the first day I walked in, like I’ve known her for years. The studio is nice and a very relaxing environment. Michelle is very knowledgeable about what she is teaching. I highly recommend Bella yoga to anyone who wants to do yoga, from beginners to people who have done yoga for years.


Jennifer M.
Lochbuie, CO
5.0 star rating 1/1/2016
I absolutely love this yoga studio! Michelle and Ashely are such an amazing teachers and make it comfortable for everyone. If it’s your first time or if you are a seasoned yoga goer, they will make sure you are getting the most out of your sessions.


Went today for a special Saturday​ live music event. The live music quality was well above what I was expecting​ for a yoga class. Spectacular.

The yoga was just what I needed after a very busy, stressful week. Michelle’s approach is very welcoming and accommodating​ to all levels. Love her story and purpose for doing yoga. Check it out, you won’t regret it.



I didn’t even know I wanted a membership to a yoga studio until my husband bought me one to Bella Yoga. I sometimes think he might be regretting that decision because now I want to go all the time. It’s such a peaceful place to focus on myself and my own health. As a busy mom of three boys attending classes here is pretty much the only time I get to myself and I wouldn’t choose to spend it any other way!
Michelle gets to know her students so well. She knows your limitations and your goals so she can help you continue to push yourself and learn new things. I love the personal attention she gives to each student in her classes. It makes you feel so welcome and not embarrassed at all if you have no clue what you are doing. And she gets just as excited for me when I can go further into a pose as I do for myself. She’s wonderful and I’m so happy I get to continue to practice here.


  • 5/23/2018

Amazing!  I had major back surgery a few years ago and have been in constant pain and just not feeling well. I was always hesitant to try yoga, wasn’t sure my back could handle the different positions.  Michelle was wonderful! Answered all my questions; during class was very patient and helped me with a few of the positions.  Very relaxing and great way to release stress and start feeling good again!


  • 6/27/2017

It’s hard to find classes for kids in our area outside of the standard ballet and gymnastics classes. My daughter has always been so excited about yoga and has loved doing it at home. I was so pleased to find a studio that offered yoga for kids close to home. My daughter has taken “Mini Yogini” on Mondays and it’s been wonderful. Michelle is awesome with all the kids and even had patience with my 3 year old who was not taking the class. The studio space is beautiful and welcoming. Taking classes here will not disappoint. I would highly recommend it.


  • 2/10/2018

I have really enjoyed going to Wind Down Wednesday as after we stretch, we enjoy a glass of wine and cheese n crackers. Michelle is the best.


  • 5/4/2018

Comfortable yoga studio.  The instructor is very personable and makes you feel comfortable.  I like this little studio.


  • 4/11/2017

Bella Yoga is amazing!

My 4 year old daughter started the “Mini Yogini” classes on Mondays in January and she LOVES it, looks forward to it every week.  Michelle is amazing with the kids!

I started taking her classes during the weekday mornings a couple of months ago.  Not only am I more relaxed, but I can tell a difference in my body.  I’m more limber and my body doesn’t ache like it used to.

Michelle is a great teacher, she’s very informative and extremely kind.  I prefer Bella Yoga over other major gym establishments, much more relaxed and inviting.


  • 1/27/2017

My new favorite studio. Never felt so well served at a yoga studio. It was not only calming and relaxing with the atmosphere, but the owner Michelle has created such a welcoming community and culture that makes you can’t help but want to be a part of it all!

I tried her restorative yoga class. As an over active individual who tends to run themselves into the ground, it was a great class to take a moment to relax, breath and honestly love myself. Highly recommend for everyone to experience at least once. There is a lot of healing in a class like this!


  • 3/19/2018

This was my first time at Bella Yoga. It was amazing. I loved the calm inviting environment. The music and fish tank were so soothing. I loved the intimate small class I attended. I will definitely come back



Great yoga studio! It’s just too bad I live so far away for it to be a reasonable option for me 🙁


  • Noelle B.
  • San Francisco, CA

My mom and nana have been going to Bella Yoga for 3 years and got my the two months deal for my birthday. It was a great present, I loved going to yoga almost every day! 10/10 would recommend!
My mom and nana have been going to Bella Yoga for 3 years and got my the two months deal for my birthday. It was a great present, I loved going to yoga almost every day! 10/10 would recommend!


  • Anissa B.
  • Aurora, CO

I have been a member of Belle Yoga for several years. I enjoy practicing with Michelle. She is a very competent and thoughtful teacher. She helps you find your level of challenge and treats you will respect and kindness. I have come to love Yoga from my practice at Belle Yoga.


  • Bj M.
  • Henderson, CO
  • 6/4/2015

I have been attending classes at Bella Yoga for almost a year. I have found the instructor/owner Michelle to be very welcoming and personable. She will often tailor the classes to the needs and requests of the students attending. The location is very convenient for those of us that live in the area. Yoga is a personal journey and practice and for my needs I find the classes at Bella Yoga to be very therapeutic.


  • Rebecca G.
  • Denver, CO


Had an amazing first class. Michelle is wonderful and makes you feel incredibly comfortable. I’d recommend to anyone interested in yoga


  • Tracy W.
  • Henderson, CO
  • 5/15/2018

I decided to try Bella Yoga because I wanted to add something new to my weekly workout routine and it was close to my house and reasonably priced for a drop in session. I had done yoga a few times before but it had been a while. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable, the verbal instructions were detailed enough that I didn’t feel like I had to look up the whole time to see what I was supposed to be doing. I did not feel judged at all as a beginner. Really enjoyed the addition of yoga to my routine at Bella Yoga, will be returning!


  • Debra V.
  • Commerce City, CO


Three months ago I was looking for a Yoga studio that would accommodate my medical needs with the understanding that “one size does not fit all”. I found that studio when I visited Bella Yoga Inc. I am a stage 4 cancer patient in need of healing my mind, body and soul and was impressed when I met Michelle and was introduced to Restorative Yoga. The poses and breathing techniques have helped alleviate my physical pain as well as introduce me to the true art of pure relaxation. I kid you not, in the past three months I have learned to relax my body to the point of falling asleep. I am feeling better, sleeping better and even breathing much better. I am addicted to Restorative Yoga and would encourage anyone who has never experience healing yoga to give it a try.

Debra V.


  • Aracely O.
  • Denver, CO

Love Bella Yoga!!! I’m a beginner, Michelle has been very patient and supportive, she is very attentive in making sure I have the positions down! Great environment, I recommend all to join!


  • LaRissa R.
  • Denver, CO
  • 11/16/2017

I’ve always been skeptical of yoga. I’ve always thought it was quite silly but Bella Yoga definitely changed my outlook. I have had nerve damage from the epidural I received when I was in labor. I have found no relief UNTIL I decided to try out yoga. She started very simple and we topped off the night with a glass of wine. Neeedless to say I slept comfortably for the first time in months.


  • Gretz M.
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 9/14/2017

I started a variation of yoga (piyo) a year ago but I stopped. When i started it, I felt sore. But i kept on, and now, I’m determined to continue yoga on my own (as i live out of state). Michelle is awesome and very supportive. She gives you support and cheers you on even when the going got tough.

The ambiance of the place is welcoming. I may had a hard time doing some poses, but the smell of the place, the calming music and the aesthetic paintings seemed to me my cheering squad.

I highly recommend Bella Yoga and Michelle to anyone wanting to jumpstart doing yoga.


  • Nicole S.
  • Commerce City, CO

I started with Bella Yoga 4 months ago and have been very pleased!  Michelle offers a wide variety of classes (Gentle Yoga is my fave!), and class times are reasonable as well.  You can tell Michelle is passionate about her practice, and she does her best to make everyone feel welcome!  I always come away feeling relaxed and at peace.


  • C C.
  • Commerce City, CO

I been doing yoga for a year at this studio it’s very friendly place peaceful and not to crowded
The teacher is very nice and you feel like you are home no pressure or competition.
If you want to start a class I do recommend this place. Visit the website or stop by.


  • Tylor B.
  • Las Vegas, NV

Bella yoga has honestly changed my life! It’s a great place with beautiful art hung up every where. And Michelle the owner is a an awesome teacher. She conducts class very well always a great flow to class.


  • Brett D.
  • Henderson, CO

I am new to yoga but Bella Yoga is the place to go. It is very open and welcoming place. Michelle the owner/teacher is very friendly and guides you on your own yoga journey . Good to spend a hours on yourself


  • Mia N Luke H.
  • Denver, CO

This is a place to begin and continue your yoga journey. Michelle the instructor and owner is very friendly and very welcoming to everyone. Her presence is is always an open heart. As well as the other yogi mates!!! Vinyasa is my favorite challenge days and restorative is my go to for tense days.


  • Amy A.
  • Henderson, CO

I’ve been going to Bella Yoga for only a few months now, but it is exactly what I was looking for. Super close to my house, clean, and everyone is so friendly. If you are truly going there to practice yoga and give yourself a peace of mind then it’s really a great place


  • Danielle A.
  • Thornton, CO


I’ve been a student at Bella Yoga for 6 years and I absolutely love it.  It’s very hard to find a studio in the North Metro area that focuses on the needs of their students and isn’t a gym.  Bella Yoga is that place.

Michelle teaches yoga that helps you relax and learn the correct poses and philosophy of yoga.  Bella Yoga is a warm, welcoming, peaceful studio.

Michelle offers a variety of classes and the props to help you fully engage in your practice.

There seems to be some people in the community who are trying to slander the reputation of the owner and the studio in general.  One of whom is a disgruntled former employee.  Please don’t believe what they have to say.


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