Benefits of Yoga

No matter what age, gender, shape, race or religion, yoga is for everyone.  Every single pose has its own benefits and yoga as a whole has many benefits for the mind, the body and the spirit.  Begin to experience these benefits today as you make yoga part of your daily life. 

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Reading about someone's life-changing experience with yoga can be very inspiring.  People seek yoga for many different reasons, but we all have a common goal of living a healthier and more balanced life.  Come to Bella Yoga and experience these benefits yourself.

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At Bella Yoga, we always try to plan fun events, promotions, field trips, fundraisers, and more.  So stay in the loop and don't miss out!

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Bella Yoga has been in business and serving the community since Oct 2009!!!

Each class is specifically designed to meet the needs of each student, making each class accessible to any level of experience.

Bella Yoga is also a RYS (Registered Yoga School) approved through Yoga Alliance since 2013.

Owner, Michelle, Klabon, has almost 6000  hours of teaching experience and has taught 5 yoga teacher trainings at Bella Yoga and preparing to teach her next teacher training beginning Aug 29, 2022. By teaching others to become yoga instructors, Michelle, has come full circle in her yoga journey.

Come check out for yourself why students who attend consistently, call Bella Yoga their sanctuary, their place of rest, and their Happy Place.


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